Ere Perez: Clean Beauty Review

Ah! Finding eyeshadow that’s pigmented and not chalky in clean beauty. That’s a task. Continuing my adventure to find clean beauty products, I found Ere Perez. I’ve already raved about them on my Instagram, but I wanted to make full post about them! Everyone asked about what makeup/skincare I did in Europe, and Ere Perez is everything I carried around for months. My skin didn’t break out and stayed GLOWY as I wore makeup every day for photos and traveling.

I’ve used all their products pretty much until they were falling apart because I loved them so much. Anytime I do skincare, I like to use it for at least 3 months. This was truly a 2019 highlight that I’m bringing into 2020. I also love the diversity they show on their page. #yes

Chamomile Eye Palette – Beautiful: this was the only eye shadow palette I carried around with me for 3 months in Europe of traveling and study abroad. The colors worked perfectly. For clean beauty, you need to give it a little bit more blending time (since it doesn’t have all the nasty stuff in it), but as soon as you get the hang out if, these colors are a dream! 3 mattes, 3 shimmers. I loved using the matte medium brown as a base color for my whole lid. The black is very black. I was able to create everyday natural looks and deep smokey eyes with this palette. I wish the glitter/white shade was a little bit more creamy, but besides that I have no complaints! (4/5 Stars). I don’t even want to show photos of my palette because it’s literally on it’s last leg. Every color hit pan and some pans fell out. I loved it so much.

Quandong Green Booster Serum: the bottle is empty. it is over. I am done. WOW. If you’ve never used a serum, this is a PERFECT serum to start with. It’s packed with great stuff inside, and it left my skin super moisturizer. On on makeup days, I would just wear this and sunblock. The serum claims to reduce inflamed skin and this is so true. The green does a great job of canceling out my natural “redness” that human skin just gets. I like to use this in the morning, but you can use it for night as well.

Moringa all-beauty crème: this is a high quality product. wow~ It leaves my skin nice and smooth and it doesn’t not smell chemical-ly. I love doing this on top of the Green Booster serum and underneath sunblock! I also ran out of this LOL.


I’m extremely impressed with this brand. I tried them out for the whole year while I was using other clean beauty products. I have to say that Ere Perez blows others out of the water with their simple design and ingredients. Their products work and they were a 2019 favorite. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

These are all my own opinions. This is not a paid post! The brand sent over these products for me for free and it was on my own accord to talk about them if I wanted to. Thank you Ere Perez!

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