secret to good skin: SPF

People ask me how my skin is so clear? I honestly think it’s sunblock. (also the fact that I drink so much water I pee every hour). In fact, I KNOW its sunblock. Wrinkles? SPF. Preventing skin cancer? SPF. As a Korean-American, I know the secret sauce of K-Beauty and their K-amazing skin: SPF. I cannot leave the house without SPF on and it became a habit now. I’ll be honest; I’m not good at reapplying sunblock throughout the day. But, I do make myself put it on every morning even on gloomy days — UV rays can still get to you! My skin cleared up at the same time I started wearing SPF regularly. Some SPF’s might break you out or make your skin go crazy, but these are the ones I found that were gentle on my skin.

NO matter how easily you tan or get burnt, please please please protect yourselves with some SPF protection! And, if you’re obsessed with getting a tan, putting on sunblock does not mean you won’t tan at all. You still will get a tan. Here are the favorites!

Missha’s Essence Sun Milk is what first introduced me to skincare friendly, sunblock. Sunblock was no longer white, gross, and oily. The smell is so clean and fresh, and it’s very moisturizing. It leaves no trace behind, and acts as a great primer! Love this one. This is a K-Beauty favorite for a reason. The price is under $20 and I love the finish.

Supergoop Unseen sunblock: I actually just finished the whole tube haha. And, like the name suggests, it really is unSEEN. That’s what I look for in SPF. I need to get my hands on their mineral setting powder – a mUST if you wear makeup every day. This way you can REAPPLY throughout the day without having to ruin your makeup– making it TOO easy. Now you actually have no excuse. Also, I cannot rave enough about the CLEAN ingredients for this brand. And, like every brand they are not 100% perfect, but what I love about them is that they’re constantly trying to do better and bring cleaner products to consumers. The transparency on their site is unmatched. Also, they have mineral sunblocks that are perfect for swims in the ocean. We got to PROTECT THE CORAL REEFS! Will definitely need to try more from this brand — keep an eye out! Create a new account and get discounts too!

Supergoop, Unseen Sunscreen

Another good one for full body coverage is Coola! Their classic body organic sunscreen spray was a must have for me all through study abroad! I knew this worked for me because I used it last summer when I had summer classes on campus. Body sunblock sprays often smell TERRIBLE and like CHEMICALS, but Coola smells awesome! I’m a big fan of clean beauty and Coola’s ingredients are organic. They even have a fragrance-free version which is amazing. I haven’t tried any face products yet, but I will be looking forward to doing so when I get back home!

Coola’s Body Spray

DISCLAIMER: if you’re not sure, please go see a doctor to find the right sunblock for you! All my reviews are honest. I do not make money off of any of the links provided. Just a way to keep track of traffic to see what you guys are interested in.

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