all about college game days: uc berkeley edition

Welcome to the land of sweat, unknown body fluids, chaos, and good memories: college game days. This is my experience of greek game days at UC Berkeley. And, from what I’ve heard from friends at other schools, it works pretty similar. Remember, you don’t have to be in Greek life to go to parties or party at all. Tons of school clubs and organizations throw their own things and you can just have some fun with your friends too!

here are my two game day video vlogs

I’m not in greek life (which makes it harder), but keep reading to learn about my experience with greek life parties without being in greek life: what goes on, getting in, and what to wear.

the parties

Game days are mostly in the fall. Unless your school is super huge on basketball (Cal is not idk why). We have Cal Day in the spring which is another big party day. Generally, the biggest ones at Cal are in the fall: first game, USC game, Stanford game…. but they’re all fun! Btw, sororities don’t throw parties — only frats can (sexist, I know). So they’re all at frat houses.

Frat houses are pretty gross not going to lie. It’s basically an enclosed space filled with unknown liquids (pee, alcohol, throwup, sweat) and college students and music. Berkeley’s “Greek row” is not really a row, but more of a regions near Piedmont Ave — area near Memorial Stadium and I-House. Parties start times vary depending on what time the game begins. Earlier games, means earlier parties and vice versa. Some people go to the game, others just party lol.

There should be a section of the house the guys are giving out drinks. Frats have a budget to fund these types of things. Generally you’ll see them either handing out beers or pouring out boxed wine. I want to say that these are safe to drink since you’re seeing where it’s coming from. But, again be careful where you get your drinks. If some frat brother takes you into another rooms with friends and has his own stash of drinks — could be clean or could be laced with drugs. I have friends that have gotten drinks laced with drugs in them. Thankfully no one was sexually assaulted, but they were extremely sick: throwing up, dizzy, memory loss. Please be careful and watch your limits!

getting in

The easiest way to get into Greek frat house parties is by being in Greek life. Frats will pass out bids (bracelets) to frats and sororities. Not all frat houses gives bids to every sorority (elitist superficial crap I know). So if you’re like me and you’re not in Greek life this is what you can do. I’ve done all three of these below and successfully gotten in every time. It also helps to look spirited and you know.. like you want to be there lol.

  1. stand in line in the line with people w/o bids. They slowly let these people in after the parties “die” down or once everyone who they wanted to come, has come. A tip from my frat guy friends was that, if you go early when the parties start, they are more likely to let you in when it’s still a little ~dead~. Versus, if you go during like peak times, then they’ll make you wait outside.
  2. “do you know a brother” YUH! If you know a frat bro that’s at the front letting people in he can get you in. Or have a frat bro that you know in the house, he needs to come outside to bring you in
  3. steal bids: okay not s t e a l, but if you have girl friends in Greek life and some girls in their sorority are not going out for game day, they will have extra unused bids.

what to wear

I personally only went out for the big ones so cal day, usc game, big game so I went not over the top, but lots of glitter and a little e x t r a, since these are the days that people go more all out. But, for normal game days, people dress up in a range: anything from oversized Berkeley shirt and shorts, or full on yellow and blue overalls. I don’t know if this is just Berkeley, but a lot of Berkeley sorority girls sometimes like to dress up in that “ugly/troll aesthetic” if you know what I mean. Like you know, socks and sandals, troll sunglasses, but all on theme of yellow/gold and blue.

TBH no one really cares what you wear, but it’s just fun to dress up and be spirited and take tons of cute pictures. Girls can wear crop tops, jerseys, overalls, etc! People get really creative. Have a pair of game day shoes you know you can ruin! It’ll get gross – trust!

before hand & what to bring

People like to pre-game with their friends so they don’t have to drink whatever cheap alcohol is giving out at the frat houses. This is also a safe way to go about things so you know where your drink is coming from.

  • bus pass/school ID (I like to just put these on the bottom of my foot under my socks so I wont lose them)
  • keys (I like to do the same and put it on the bottom of my other foot
  • water bottle – stay hydrated
  • phone & phone charger if you’ll be out longer
  • people love phanny packs or small packs
  • sunglasses you know you can get ruined
  • wear sunblock everyone this is a PSA please save your skin and have glow glow glow

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