best Adidas sneakers under $100

not a gate keeper!! so here are some super cute back to school / every day sneakers for such good prices. Adidas right now is having a sale so tons are under $100 and use: ALLACCESSS after you sign up as a FREE member. not a sponsored post! just wanted to share some deals going on.

Nizza Low: these are both platform lace up shoes. SUPER comfy and really tons of cushion on the platform. I would say it’s a great converse alternative since it is a little more chunky, and not as HIGH as the high tops. they are super comfy.

Nizza Mids: I have this one, but I know they sold out 😦

Ozelia: is my new fave shoe — they are a more approachable DAD shoe, without being TOO much? They look SUPER expensive too and they have a lot of support. super cute for those more “street” style outfits.

some of these links are affiliate links meaning I make small commission, but it does not cost any more to you! It helps run this site and my accounts. I always only recommend my favorite things, which is why the list is always short. thank you for ur support ❤

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