best shape wear for dresses: prom, graduation, weddings

the best shape wear is NO SHAPE WEAR!!! you do not need to wear shape wear to look and feel beautiful. let’s get that out of the way. however, if you wanted to feel some extra support & smoothness, here are some of my favorite ones & tips for beginners.

Beginner Tips

  • opt in for mid rise ones instead of high rise. high rise can be intimidating and if you get the wrong size, you can definitely feel suffocated
  • I personally like thong backs but brief (short) cuts are nice as well.
  • walk around and test them out before the big day. I dont want you to pass out or be uncomfortable the day of
  • you should feel comfortable but supported!
  • prices: shape wear ranges from $30 to $100 (omg), but I personally love looking on Nordstrom, Skims, and Amazon. Amazon isn’t always the cheapest when it comes to shape wear (idk why)

Regular Length Brief

Amazon Shorts$15
Skims mid rise brief$32
Spanx Mid Rise$64
Spanx Power Panties$38
Skims 1 leg slit$42
Skims high rise$36

Thong Back

Skims thong$20
Skims long sleeve$78

Longer lengths

Amazon Long 1$24
Skims mid lenghth$34
skirt 1$18
Skirt 2 (shorter)$32


Skims Square Neck 1$58
Skims high neck$58

Hope this helps! And AGAIN, YOU WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL CONFIDENT & comfortable!

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