best graduation / prom shoes (heels & non heels

Here are some of my favs for graduation, prom, or any special event… or maybe no special event.. just because you want to buy some shoes 😀 both heels and non heels options.

BEST GRADUATION DRESSES (modest styles included as well)


I say stick with neutrals or something that will flatter your dress or graduation stole/school colors. I think nude, beiges, and neutrals do a really great job of elongating your leg. I also love champagne, gold, and silvers for more FUN and SPICE!


Simple looks a lot more classic and chic and TIMELESS! Wear what YOU feel most beautiful and COMFORTABLE! Personally, I would avoid pumps and stilettos because I don’t want you to be sinking into the grass or ruining your shoes. And, you are going to be standing all day so maybe bring one pump for few pics and change into comfy ones!

Block Heel styles – super comfortable and still give you height. I wore these and LOVED them!

1. Suede heels – $38
2. Ankle strap – $38
3. Ankle strap 2 – white too! – $34
4. 2 tone – $38
5. wedge 1 – $44

Kitten Heels & sandals: smaller heels that look FABULOUS still.

1. sandal 1 $28
2. lace up small heel $38
3. kitten 1 – clear front $28
4. sandal 2 – white strappy $34
5. kitten 2 – woven leather $64
6. sandal 2 – glitter stones $59

mules!!! I love these so much — UGHH!!

1. mule 1 – $34 (different nudes too)
2. mule 2 – $29
3. mule 3 – $59
4. mule 4 – $59 lucky brand

sneakers: who can go wrong? sO comfy SO fun and casual. And also you can wear them a LOT after 😀 or save it for more photos

1 adidas all white stan smith – $80
2. Converse high tops platform – $69
3. Nike Court Royal – $50
4. Hanly Platform – $59
5. Sperrys – $79

I hope you enjoy these! Some of these links are affiliate links but they cost no extra to you and literally.. I only do this because it’s just easier for you all to navigate. That’s why I dont rec things that are TOO expensive.


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