fashion basic haul: abercrombie & fitch

I haven’t shopped here in a hot second but I saw they were doing a huge sale and that they had some cute stuff!!! Very much Artizia & Everlane vibes for staples and basics.

My TikTok Try-On Haul: HERE

My measurements:
waist 25-26in
height: 5′ 4″


I got most things in a small, but I actually think they run big! I could have gotten an XS in most of these — especially since theyre that stretchy fabric!

I don’t earn any commissions on the links from Abercrombie!

Seamless V Bralette – $29 – small
Monogram classic sweats – $59 – small
Long sleeve slim crop – $17 (sale!!) – small, I will be downsizing – got in white, cream, and pink
Seamless cami bodysuit – $17 (sale!!) – small, but I will be downsizing – got in white, black, cream; only keeping black
seamless V bodysuit – $39 – small, but will be downsizing (might not keep bc I have something similar)
Ruched skirt – $55 – small, but will be downsizing; it was a little long for me

NOs for me 😀 or Returns
Faux Slip mini dress – $89 – I got a small, it was just not fitting my chest well and it didn’t bring my waist in
Faux leather dress $120 – small; great fit! I love it, but I already have something like it

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