what to pack for college dorm

It’s back to school season! What to pack for the dorms? What to pack for college? Super secret awesome things to bring to college? (hint: an electric heat mat). In my video, I go over some of the basics and some low-key things I highly recommend! I’m going to add more things I didn’t mention in the video and also link my specific favorites! I didn’t include things like “clothes”… I’m guessing everyone has their own idea of how much clothes and shoes to bring haha!

Bed Stuff

  • bed bug mattress cover sheet
  • extra sheets & pillowcases – minimize laundry, always have clean stuff and be lazy
  • electric heat mat DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THIS
  • body pillow
  • bed risers – store more things under!
  • mattress topper – trust me, you want this


  • desk compartments
  • closet organizers – maybe storage boxes, shelves
  • felt thin hangers
  • shoe rack/holder
  • plastic/fabric cubes
  • bedside caddy – put ur phone and everything right next to you


  • melatonin (or sleep aid supplement) – this is OTC, obviously take with smart brain don’t go crazy geez
  • cold medicine – don’t be sick then regretting you already had it in your room
  • cough drops
  • earplugs – this is the ONE it works very well — TOO well sometimes
  • clorox/antibacterial wipes
  • bandages/first aid ointments and wipes
  • face masks yes treat yourself!
  • electrolyte heavy drinks for the day after WILD NIGHTS – I love coconut water (has more electrolytes than other artificial drinks
  • stool softeners, laxatives, poop tea – stay r e g u l a r my friends
  • seat cushion/back rest for chair – maximize study comfort!


  • portable charger
  • extension cords
  • long phone cords
  • long computer cords
  • usb hub
  • power strip
  • LED blue & yellow light lamp (my favorite) your eyes will thank you!
  • speakers
  • external hard drive – or just go to campus career events and snag free company swag like USB drives for free lol
  • extra pairs of headphones — why do we always lose these every 5 seconds


  • extra towels/bathrobes
  • shower slippers – ew dont get musty feet!
  • extra toothbrushes; quip has a cute electric one
  • lock for the lockers
  • a hanging shower caddy! (my favorite) – this way if your shower doens’t have a shelf or a bench, you can hang your bag so it’s not sitting on the nastY floor
  • dryer sheets (not just for laundry but to put in between your folded clothes to help them smell and be freshhhh)
  • delicates bag – wash delicate things and keep all your socks in one place


Other stuff

  • tissues & paper towels
  • old sneakers for going out events – plz dont ruin your near AF1s
  • Brita filter (water filter)
  • reusable water bottles! Hydroflask, SM, this is my favorite SWELL bottle
  • strong umbrella
  • weatherproof clothing
  • graphing calculator – I know you have one… just bring it so you wont have to buy it again
  • house slippers/fuzzy slippers for your dorm
  • essential oils/diffuser
  • string lights
  • wall art / tapestry
  • photos /polaroids
  • school supplies ( I know you have tons of stuff leftover from high school, save money)
  • weekender bag/duffle bag – small trips with friends — I love the one by Away
  • sleeping bag – sleepovers, guests, retreats

I also have a college dorm tour that shows a lot of these things I’ve mentioned!

I don’t make money off of any of these link. Just tracking them so I know what people are interested in!

– Angelica

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